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Fake ID Charges in Irvine CA

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Fake ID Charges in Irvine CA

Don’t face fake ID charges in Irvine CA without an attorney on your side

What was the first thing you thought of when you realized you were facing fake ID charges in Irvine CA? If you’re like many defendants, you were shocked that this was such a serious crime. It’s not uncommon at all for our clients to think that the worst penalty is getting the ID taken away, when it fact felony charges could result.

You have options no matter the situation that caused you to face fake ID charges in Irvine CA

It’s not unusual for a person who’s been arrested for fake ID charges in Irvine CA to feel as though they’re out of options. They may feel that it’s best to simply talk to the police, plead guilty, and get on with their lives. The truth is that this can lead a criminal record, which can cause long-term issues like being turned down for jobs, not be able to get a professional license, and issues renting apartments.

This is why as soon as you know you’re facing fake ID charges in Irvine CA you should consult with an attorney. We offer free legal evaluations during which we can carefully assess the situation you’re in and provide you with our best advice. Our goal is simple: The best possible outcome for you. You are our top priority and we will treat your case with the seriousness it deserves.

There are numerous defense options for fake ID charges in Irvine CA

Potential defense options for your case include showing that:

  • The ID in question wasn’t yours;
  • You had no intent to use the fake ID to defraud anyone;
  • You didn’t know the ID was fake;
  • It was uncovered during an illegal search or
  • Your background (both personal and educational) calls for leniency.

Proving any of the above could result in the charges being dropped altogether.

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At this point, anything else you learn is just speculation and generalization. If you want to know what your specific options are then you need to speak to an attorney. You can get your free legal consultation Call the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055 today.