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Drunk in Public Charge in Lake Forest CA

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Drunk in Public Charge in Lake Forest CA

Are you looking at a drunk in public charge in Lake Forest CA? Let a lawyer help you through it

No one dreams of facing a drunk in public charge in Lake Forest CA yet it happens every day. Many people have no idea what to do and assume that simply pleading guilty is the fastest, cheapest, easiest option. However, when you consider that a criminal record could inhibit future employment opportunities, make it impossible to get a professional license, and difficult to rent an apartment or home, it may be easier to see that it’s worth a call to the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell.

Defend your name against a drunk in public charge in Lake Forest CA

Remember when you’re talking to the police that their job is not to consider the best possible outcome for you. They are there to gather facts and if they believe a crime has been committed, to help convict you of that crime. If you’re facing a drunk in public charge in Lake Forest CA, you need at least one person on your side. You’ve found that in Michael L. Fell.

The first step is to call us for your free legal consultation. You can explain to us the situation that led to your drunk in public charge in Lake Forest CA. We’ll consider that evidence, any prior criminal record you may have, and the way in which the evidence against you was obtained. Depending on the situation, we may talk to witnesses or experts. The bottom line is that we will take your situation seriously and our offices will use our combined experience to ensure you’ve considered every option for you.

There are three defense options to a drunk in public charge in Lake Forest CA

  1. Have the charges dropped. This is obviously the best possible outcome but it’s not always possible. If the prosecution has a weak case, or we can show that they illegally obtained evidence, then we may be able to convince them to drop the charges or convince a judge to through the case out. We may also be able to show that the methods of obtaining evidence were not correctly followed.
  2. Take your case to court. If the prosecution won’t drop your case but we believe there isn’t a wealth of evidence against you, then the best option may be to take your case to court. There are many defense options we can present, such as showing that you weren’t in public, you weren’t drunk, or that you weren’t voluntarily drunk.
  3. Have the charges reduced. Depending on the evidence and your criminal history, we may be able to negotiate an informal diversion agreement that requires you to go to drug treatment or complete community service, but doesn’t involve charges moving forward. In other cases, we may have success having a misdemeanor reduced to a citation.

Now is the time to set up your free legal consultation

Whether you’ve been formally charged or you simply have reason to believe you’ll be facing a drunk in public charge in Lake Forest CA, it’s time to Contact the Law Offices of Michael L. Fell at (949) 585-9055. The sooner you get legal help the sooner we can get you through this. Contact us today to move on with your life.