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Mission Viejo CA

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Mission Viejo CA

Though it may look and sound like an old Spanish settlement, Mission Viejo CA is a newer master-planned community. Most homes were built in the late ‘70s or early ‘80s and follow the Spanish Mission architectural style. This means they mostly have red tile roofs and walls that are made to look like adobes. Mission Viejo CA was made to fit into the topography that nature created and there are numerous trees. It’s not hard to see why the motto of the city is to “Making Living Your Mission.” If you’ve been accused of a crime within the Mission Viejo CA community then the Law Offices of Michael Fell are here to help. With decades of experience and exceptional negotiation skills, we can help you find the best plea deal possible, work to get the charges dropped, or take your case to trial. We work with many charges including drunk in public, minor in possession, and fake ID accusations. Call us today for a free consultation in Mission Viejo CA.

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